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I'm Beth Patton, CEO of Manatee Digital Media LLC


Are you in need of a seasoned web developer who understands the unique challenges of small businesses and nonprofit organizations? Look no further. With over 5 years of hands-on experience in the digital realm, I’m here to offer you a tailored solution that’s perfect for your needs.

Why Choose Me:

  • Proven Experience: I’ve honed my skills to ensure that you receive top-notch web development services. I’ve been in your shoes, so I understand the hesitations and concerns that come with navigating the world of marketing. But rest assured, I’ve always embraced the importance of marketing and put my expertise into action.

  • Business Insight: My experience as a small business owner and a nonprofit board member has given me valuable insights into what it takes to thrive in the digital landscape. I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses like yours face.

  • Marketing Savvy: I’m not just a web developer; I’m a marketer too. I’ve successfully built and managed my own massage therapy brand, complete with an engaged Facebook page that’s the envy of other therapists. My work isn’t just about creating websites; it’s about making sure your brand shines in the online world.

  • Strong Brand Identity: When you choose me, you’re choosing a web developer who has created not only an outstanding website but also one of the most recognizable logos in the massage therapy industry. Your online presence will be memorable and impactful.

My passion for web development, combined with my unique perspective as a business owner and marketer, sets me apart. I’m not just here to build you a website; I’m here to craft a digital strategy that suits your specific needs. Let’s collaborate to bring your online vision to life. Your success is my commitment.

The ocean has always held a special place in my heart; it’s my sanctuary, a place of serenity that never fails to calm my soul. In particular, I’m enchanted by the graceful movements of manatees as they navigate the pristine waters of Florida. The deep concern for their slowly diminishing habitat weighs heavily on me.

That’s why a meaningful portion of my profits is dedicated to supporting organizations that work tirelessly to both educate the public and safeguard the precious natural habitat of these gentle giants. Through these contributions, I hope to play a small part in the preservation of the oceans and the protection of their remarkable inhabitants.

Together, we can make a difference.

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