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Geek Girl Massage Therapy Website Project

Geek Girl Massage Therapy is a small massage business located in Fort Worth, TX. This website is a custom theme inspired by the Corporate Pro WordPress Theme.  Geek Girl Massage Therapy specializes in cupping massage and pain relief.

Below are the front page as well as the service page to this website. 

Geek Girl Homepage

Features of this website design include:

Quirky images and fonts that go well with the brand.  

A service page that works for SEO. 

A headline structure that Google likes.   

What’s a headline structure? 

Think of the headline structure of a website like the icing on a delicious cake. It’s what catches your eye and makes you want to take a big bite.

Now, imagine if that cake had a messy, confusing icing. You’d probably be hesitant to dig in, right? The same goes for a website. If the headline structure is all over the place, visitors might get confused or lose interest before even exploring further.

A well-structured headline is like a friendly guide that leads visitors through the website. It helps them quickly understand what the website is all about and what they can expect to find. It’s like a warm, welcoming signpost that says, “Hey there, come on in! We’ve got something awesome to share!”

By organizing the headlines in a logical and clear way, visitors can easily navigate the website and find what they’re looking for. It’s like having a friendly conversation with the website, where everything flows smoothly and makes sense.

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