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SuperCool Mofos - a site I'm building just because I can!

This is a site I’m actually building from scratch using Underscores as a starter.  

For non-tech readers, this is a a super basic starter that has the baseline code standards that you can customize and make your own.  

When you first load it, it looks like a very early blog website.  Remember Myspace?  It looks worse than that!  

Homepage Before
Homepage After
Image of Underscore Theme Homepage
Image of Homepage for SuperCool Mofos

This all began with me asking my friend who is a graphic designer, “Hey, will you make me a mock-up of a homepage on photoshop and I’ll re-create it using code?”

And he says, “Sure!”   He designed it as a mock-up for a pretend design agency, but I changed it to a podcast because I also said, “Hey!  We should do a podcast!” 

And then he said, “Who’ll listen to it?”  

So maybe it’ll happen and this fake site I’m building will become something cool.  

I’m digging the 70s vibe, aren’t you?

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